We couldn’t do what we do without the help and prayers of our volunteers, and we are thankful for as little or as much as each is able to contribute. Whether helping out physically, by praying, or by giving, you are a blessing to those who walk through our doors.

If you are interested in helping at the mission, you’ve landed on the right page. Below, you’ll find a “needs list,” our “volunteer application form” link, and our “volunteer statement of faith” link.

Before you fill out the application, please come visit our mission. You’re welcome at any of our events, which are listed in the Events section of this website. We want you to have the opportunity learn what we do first before filling out the application form, which is a bit extensive. Also, some volunteers qualify as “friends of the mission” which has a different application process. Please visit with Jeremiah, Heath, or Traci regarding volunteer and friends of the mission opportunities before taking the next steps.

Volunteer Needs List

  • Food/Kitchen Manager and Servers
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Bible Studies
    • 9:00 A.M. weekly Bible Study – Fill in to lead Bible studies as needed
  • Prayer Night
    • Weekly prayer night facilitators
  • Music Night
    • Music night singers and leaders
  • Maintenance and janitorial
  • IT
  • Donation Center Manager and Team
  • Mission Grounds Coffee Manager and Team

If you have a church group interested in helping, please contact us here and let us know how large your group is, and in which areas you are interested in serving, and we’ll be in touch directly. Otherwise, please see the next section for individual application.

Volunteer Application Form

We’re delighted that you’re here and ready to volunteer. Be sure to read the entire application form before applying to make sure you have everything needed in order to fill out the entire form. Spouses must apply individually.

Note: You must sign into a Google account in order to fill out this application.

Apply to Volunteer