March Mission Update

//March Mission Update

March Mission Update

Greetings in Jesus Christ’s worthy name. It’s in His name that we serve, and it’s His will that we aim to do. For in him we live and move and have our being(Acts 17:28). We’re excited to be in the Lord’s service and are thankful for the help of each and every one of our faithful friends of the mission. Whether it’s helping with food, cleaning the facilities, teaching in Bibles studies, supporting financially, or praying, every brother or sister in Christ who helps is a real blessing to those we’re ministering to.

Administrator Need
Would you please join us in praying for a sober-living administrator? Lord willing, we’re launching a pilot sober-living program this year and need to find an administrator to supervise the program. We also need volunteers to help with everything from teaching to staying at the apartments overnight to keep order. Please pray that the Lord will send the right individuals, especially for the vital program administrator role. This will need to be someone who loves God and the individuals we’re ministering to.

Other Ways You Can Help
Our ministry currently includes a mission that is open weekdays as a warming shelter and a place to study the Bible with our chaplain. The mission hosts weekly events, including an addiction class Wednesday evenings, and Friday night events which include prayer nights, Christian music nights, Christian movie nights, and other community events. We need help in a number of areas, including food donations, kitchen and meal planning, facility maintenance, Bible study, and other teaching roles.

If you haven’t attended the mission yet, please come for any of our events – we love visitors. If you’d like to help as a volunteer and are not signed up yet, please sign up by clicking here.

Jeremiah Zeiset
Executive Director

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