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About the Fresh Start Initiative

About the Fresh Start Initiative (Pilot Program)

The Bridge Street Mission Fresh Start Initiative is designed to be a healthy and safe Christian-living environment for program participants in our facility. Our desire is that the program participants help each other achieve personal and program goals, and that everyone who joins, whether for 30 days or for the maximum 2 years, will have the opportunity to make a positive difference both here at our facility as well as in our community.

A copy of our Fresh Start Initiative agreement is available upon request.

Benefits of the Fresh Start Initiative

  • Clean and healthy community living, where individuals help individuals achieve goals.
  • Christ-centered encouragement and accountability for clean and sober living.
  • Free rides to Bridge Street Mission for public meals and events.
  • Graduates of the initiative are recognized for their achievement.
  • Inexpensive – anticipated costs between $180 and $295 per month depending on program phase.

Five Foundational Fresh Start Initiative Agreements

  1. I agree to live sober and free from drugs and alcohol
  2. I agree to live clean in my personal hygiene, private room and common areas
  3. I agree to honor my peers with respect and dignity
  4. I agree to be a reasonably active member of Bridge Street Mission
  5. I agree to honor the Christian-based policy (Bridge Street Mission policy handbook) as managed and updated by the Bridge Street Mission, and the Bridge Street Mission staff.

You may need a Google account in order to fill out the application.

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